About Comer UMC

Our Ministries

Here at Comer UMC, we have worked for years with Jubilee Partners, a Christian service community serving refugees in the United States. We also welcome refugees from all over the world who have chosen to settle in Comer, whether that means aiding them on their path to citizenship, providing meals and meeting space, or providing scholarships for their children at our Grow Day Camp. Join us as we reach out to the world with the love of Christ, right here in Comer, GA.

For more information about Jubilee Partners, click here.

How to find us

Feel free to use the Google Maps application below to find customized directions to our church.

When do we worship?

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 9 am.  Worship is a blend of traditional hymns and gospel songs.  We celebrate Holy Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper, on the First Sunday of the month and on special holy days.  All are welcomed to  God’s table at Holy Communion at our church.  Each Sunday we hear the Word of God read from the Bible and a sermon based on this Word preached.  Our Pastor preaches sermons that communicate God’s Word and help us live our faith each day.


  What should I wear?

True worship is about the heart and not about what you wear, so don’t worry about getting dressed up on Sunday morning. Men at our church wear jeans and khaki pants.  Sometimes you might see a shirt and a tie. Women at our church wear dresses and pants. Come dressed as you feel most comfortable.

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